Enjoy the convenience of taking bus ride from Ipoh to Penang

As popular tourist destinations, Ipoh and Penang attract visitors on a daily basis. As the distance between them is around 77 miles, a a bus takes 1-2 hours for a trip. A stop of several minutes is an option on the way. 

Different bus companies serve the itinerary, and among them are Transnasional, or Kulim First Travel and Tours, as well as Sri Maju Group, Newsia Express, Cepat and Cekap Express, etc. For late hours at night, tickets are available at the temporary bus station in Ipoh. It is usual that tourists for the two destinations travel at night. Tickets can be purchased in due time at the nearest station. Schedules are also available at the stations or private companies provide them.

bus ride from Ipoh to Penang

To know what the bus fare of the transporter is, proves to be a primary issue for the passenger to fix. Assistance can be found at the bus station. Lower rates are offered to children. Adult prices may vary from MYR 13.90 to MYR 25, depending on the coach company, route, etc.

The most recommended way to get a ticket for the bus from Ipoh to Penang is to make an online booking via easybook.com, as the company offers quick, convenient and passenger-friendly services, or by telephone reaching any of the companies mentioned above, among others. Booking online ensures a seat of individual choice, credit card payment, queue-free manner of ticket purchase, as well as saves the passengers’ time. Regular bus trips to the two destinations provide a discount option.

bus ride from Ipoh to Penang

A pickup point in Ipoh is Ipoh Amanjaya, and, respectively, it is a drop-off point when traveling from Penang, also like Jalan Bendahara. There are various pickup points from Penang to Ipoh, and some are Butterworth and Sungai Nibong terminals. 

The buses are well-equipped; they have air-conditioning, too. Lie-back seats contribute to the overall comfort.

Why Shah Alam Should Be Your Holiday Spot?

Shah Alam is surely an extremely small place with constrained holiday destinations. The majority of the city’s primary attractions involve drawing near to nature or getting physical with games exercises, albeit there are additionally some noteworthy landmarks. Thusly, it is a paradise for visitors have enthusiasm for physical exercises.

Arranged on the city’s edges is the tremendous Malaysia Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian), which accompanies either numerous side attractions or its own zoo, while sports offices can be enjoyed at the Shah Alam Stadium or at the Malawati Stadium. For families, numerous lovely stops and greenery enclosures, including the Lake Gardens, encompass the city. The Lagoon Theme Park is additionally ideal for families and makes for a fun day out.

Malaysia Agriculture park

The Malaysia Agriculture Park is placed in just north of the downtown area, and highlights heaps of sights and sounds for all ages. The arranging is the primary highlight and contains the Orchid Garden, the Ornamental Garden, the Cactus Garden, the Bamboo Garden and the Spice Garden. There is likewise a little zoo on location, in addition to guests can cycle or ride a stallion around the recreation center, or even make a go at angling. The Four Seasons building includes further investment and reenacts spring, summer, fall and winter, one by one.

Skytrex Adventure

SkyTrex Adventure is on the site of the Malaysia Agriculture Park in north Shah Alam and is a well known fascination for those with a head for statures and wildernesses. Guests have the capacity to walk amongst the wilderness overhang, set from tree to tree more than 20 meters/ 66 feet over the ground, through swings and extensions. SkyTrex Adventure is useful for gatherings and families, in spite of the fact that can get exceptionally occupied at the weekend. You ought to additionally manage as a top priority that this is very pricey and is subsequently not suitable for those numbering the cent.

Wet World

This vacationer destination is placed in the city, where families can appreciate water entertainment on hot sunny days. The recreation center is to be found at the Lake Gardens, where it opened in 1996 and has engaged families from that point forward. Albeit not excessively extensive, it accompanies a long water slide and a few other exciting water-related rides and exercises for children, for example, Atlantis City, Neptune’s Challenge, the Lighthouse Escape and the Cascading Waterfall. There are likewise restaurants and outing offices on location.

Lake Garden

Lake garden park is arranged in the downtown area and it is based around an aggregate of seven synthetic lakes and is truly delightful. You will discover play areas here, alongside strolling and cycling ways. Sculling is accessible on the lakes, and both kayaks and paddling pontoons can be leased by the hour. The recreation center is additionally useful for picnicking and has skimming fish eateries.

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